Gerry Hodgers

I always wanted to play music, any kind, listening for me, was just not enough

I grew up listening to music much older than I & was influenced by style & approach rather than popularity in the charts etc.

Whilst most on my mates were delving into Thin Lizzy,Pink Floyd,Yes,I was drawn to Rory Gallagher , Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel & Leonard Cohen,Neil Diamond early days,Guy Clark, Kristofferson & Nelson etc etc

I only started writing very late in life as I became more reflective I suppose but then its never too late to start really is it. I play mostly finger style these days & have delved into open tunings where I find the chord voicings much more appealing than standard tunings.

My songs are quiet reflective types & they express many of the everyday emotions we all feel if we just listened a bit longer. This year I promised myself I would get out & play more of my songs in more places as whats the point in writing material if you are not going to bring it out in public & let others decide if they “get you”.

I currently run the Purple Sessions in Slane Village co Meath & I am enjoying meeting the amazing talent that shows up every month without fail

I have been doing that for over 8 years now & I don’t ever want to stop.

I specially enjoy recording the sessions & producing live video for artists each month.

One of the highlights of the past few years has been the Purple Sessions involvement with the Maritime festival in Drogheda. Its a massive platform for the Purple Sessions & the rota of artists have all previous Purple Sessions appearances behind them so i know they will be great ambassadors for us & we for them in turn.